Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Shopper-Aide Week 2

NEWS BULLETIN from Shopper-Aide Week 2

Our second week in our strange new world and we now find that we need to ensure that staying indoors is to be our normal way of life but we are still able to get your shopping for you. We might not be able to get your preferred goods or in the quantity you would like but we will do our best.

This week the supermarkets have introduced a queuing system, only allowing a small number of people in the store at a time, which means it takes longer to shop but we will get it done as soon as possible.

You are expected to stay at home but you can go out in your garden if you have one or for a short walk, however you need to keep a distance from others. They will be doing the same so we just have to learn new ways of keeping active.

Phone Buddies

Many of you will now know that we have set up a phone buddy system to connect with you on a regular basis and get you shopping list. We have been very lucky as we have had many new volunteers who are helping with this and I hope you enjoy chatting to your buddy.

How we can help each other.

  • Everyone will get one shop a week and we do our best to get what you want
  • Paying for your shop – to keep you safe we are advised not to be too close (best at least 6 feet apart) and exchanging money will be a problem and if you cannot get out to get money we do not want to leave you short.

Therefore we are setting up an account for everyone and will send out an invoice every 4 weeks so we can arrange to then collect the money, or you can post a cheque. For those already using the Standing Orders there is no problem.

  • When your shopping is delivered please stay well away from the person delivering and for those who have underlying conditions we are happy to leave the goods just inside your door (or where you would like) and let you know we have been.
  • You might prefer if your carer or family member calls in your list or can email it to us.
  • Be wary of people you do not know offering to help – they maybe genuine as many different people are trying to help but they may not be genuine. DO NOT GIVE MONEY OR BANK DETAILS TO ANYONE or you are unsure of. If you are concerned contact, family or friends by phone or tell the caller from us what has happened.

Keeping Safe and active

If you feel unwell you can contact your Doctor or phone 111 or if you do go on line you can use the 111 helpline.

Keep in touch with friends and family via the phone or using social media if you have access to it.

Depending on your own ability try to keep active with some stretching exercises, walking round the house (and garden), doing some housework or sitting in a chair.

Set yourself a timetable as when to do things, read a book or magazine (you can order new ones with your shopping), dig out the old photos to look at, tidy out that drawer you have been meaning to do.

Remember – wash hands often and learn to distance yourself from others to keep you and everyone else safe from this virus.

Some Quotes and Information

“I need to social distance myself from the cupboard and the fridge”.

 “Just going to sand down the sideboard using the backs of my hand”

“One of the advantages of lockdown is that when you lose your glasses you know they must be in the house somewhere”

Campbeltown Post Office will be open – Mon – Fri 10am to 3 pm and on Sat 10am to 1pm.

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