Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Shopper-Aide – August 2020

NEWS BULLETIN from Shopper-Aide August 2020

Still in our strange new world and as it slowly opens up we do need to be vigilant to keep safe. As we are still not able to meet up as in the past Shopper-Aide is continuing to have a ‘Virtual Tea Party’ each month for all clients. As some of you are now managing to do your own shopping we are happy for you but do remember we are here if you need us as your membership continues. The next Tea Party is on 16th September and we would like you all to join us.

tea party September

In your goodie bag you will find a Shopper-Aide fridge magnet with our phone number on it so you will have it to hand if needed. It will also alert other family and carers that we may be helping you if they need to get in touch.

This month’s baking is from the Bluebell Café in Hall Street Campbeltown.

Other News and Views

As many of our volunteers have returned to their jobs and with the schools returning we are planning to revert back to our normal office hours 9.00am to 4.00pm. We are, however, able to welcome back staff and volunteers who have been furloughed and shielding or for family reasons unable to come in.

We have started doing the housework again so get in touch if you are looking for help in the home.

Congratulations to the winners of the poetry competitions we have been running over the last few months. The six junior winners were, Eve Hall, Elana Lewis, Austin O’Hanlon, Maisey Graham, Ava Fulton and Sea McArthur who received Molly’s Sweets Treats from the Tin Roof Diner and the Adult Winner was Margaret Campbell from Carradale who was presented with a hamper from Fresh Connections. Well done to all of them and a big thank you to all who took part.

How are the tomato and courgette plants going (a big thank you to Tony Williams from Muasdale for them), mine are doing well. The first one I got has 12 tomatoes at the moment and the second one is beginning to flower. Let us know how yours are doing.

Keeping Connected and Occupied

Many of you have been using our ‘Library’ service of books, Jigsaws, knitting, arts and crafts and we have new ones coming in all the time so just let us know what you are looking for.

Ideas are welcome – suggestions to phone buddies or call the office – 01586 551600.

Other Information and reminders

Invoices and payments. – if you are paying by cash or cheque please hand your envelope to the person delivering your shopping – please DO NOT put it in the bag(s) you are giving back to them to ensure it is not lost.

Calling you – Sometimes our staff and shoppers may need to contact you when doing your shopping to clarify something or if what you want is not there and would you like an alternative item.

When your shopping is delivered please stay well away from the person delivering and for those who have underlying conditions we are happy to leave the goods just inside your door (or where you would like) and let you know we have been.

Be wary of people you do not know offering to help – they maybe genuine as many different people are trying to help but they may not be genuine. DO NOT GIVE MONEY OR BANK DETAILS TO ANYONE.

Remember if you need help or information we are there for you. If we cannot answer a query we will know someone who can and we are here to help with Shopping, Housework and Social Activities when you need it.

Shopper-Aide Ltd
47 Longrow
Argyll & Bute
PA28 6ER
01586 551600

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