Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Shopper-Aide – June 2020

NEWS BULLETIN from Shopper-Aide June 2020

12 weeks in our strange new world and we now find that we are adapting to it but at the same time wishing it was over. We can though also be thankful we have managed it and to do this Shopper-Aide is going to have a ‘Virtual Tea Party’ on the 17th June and we would like you all to join us.

tea party

On the morning of Tuesday 16th or Wednesday 17th June you will receive a bag of goodies which will also include a quiz sheet which has been devised by the celebrated quiz master herself – Helen Gilchrist along with an envelope with the answers – no cheating and peeking now. We will also be sending a cardboard hand and we would like everyone to put down their thoughts on the lockdown and/or how we have helped.

We would like as many people as possible to sit down to a cup of tea at 2pm and know that they are not on their own and that all over Kintyre and Gigha people are doing the same thing. Helen will try to encourage others through her Quiz Show to do the same so if you can have a wee tea over the fence with neighbours and family.

In devising this event we must thank Munch in Campbeltown who have given a donation of £50 towards this event and the rest coming from Helen Gilchrist’s Monday Show.

Volunteer Week 1st to 7th June

We value our volunteers at all times as they are essential to the success of Shopper-Aide and at this time we have had a wonderful response from the Kintyre Community to help at this time and to thank them we gave them all a goodie box as a thank you on Wednesday 3rd June.

Our volunteers have queued and shopped, driven and delivered, phoned and called on all of you and have helped support our hard working staff out and about and in the office  so thank you all.

Keeping Connected and Occupied

Once we had all done the clearing out and tidying up what else could we do. Helped by discussions with our phone buddies we have been asked for ways of keeping occupied and some of the ways suggested have been implemented.

  • Books – we have many different kinds and they can be delivered with the shopping – lets us know authors and genre and we will look them out.
  • Jigsaws – we have a supply of 500 – 1,500 piece ones to borrow
  • Knitting – we have started knitting squares – 6 inch by 6 inch
  • Arts and crafts – we have various different books to colour, stone painting pens and other things to do.
  • You can grow your own tomato and or zucchini plants supplied by a local grower to nurture.

 Ideas are welcome – suggestions to phone buddies or call the office – 01586 551600.

Other Information and reminders

Invoices – apologies about the delay of the last lot but the next one is expected to be posted out on Friday 26th June. We are still settling into this new system and getting supplies of envelopes etc.

Calling you – Sometimes our staff and shoppers may need to contact you when doing your shopping to clarify something or if what you want is not there and would you like an alternative item.

When your shopping is delivered please stay well away from the person delivering and for those who have underlying conditions we are happy to leave the goods just inside your door (or where you would like) and let you know we have been.

Be wary of people you do not know offering to help – they maybe genuine as many different people are trying to help but they may not be genuine. DO NOT GIVE MONEY OR BANK DETAILS TO ANYONE.

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