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Shopper-Aide is a charity based in Campbeltown, covering the whole of Kintyre. The primary mission of the charity is to support older people (60+) in their own homes and with daily living, promoting independence. Shopper-Aide also provide support to carers of the older person, where that support is not available from other agencies.

Shopper-Aide Volunteers are fabulous

To aide us in achieving our primary mission we are always looking for volunteers to assist us with all manner of activities including:
Support to carers of the older person, where that support is not available from other agencies | Social activities for older people | Housekeeping | Home Visits | Prescription collection | Transport for appointments and social activities.

Volunteering for Shopper-Aide for just one hour a week to collect an older persons shopping list, do the shopping and take it to their door provides an essential service which supports our older community to remain independent and in their own home.

Shopper-Aide Volunteers are fabulous

Benefits to people of volunteering are gaining experience in working with older people, social care profession, being part of a team, meeting new people and making new friends.

List of jobs include:
Working in an office, administration, answering phones, dealing with public Using the computers, designing leaflets, posters, forms to collect relevant information, creating spread sheets, keeping financial records.

Job prospects:
Volunteering with an organisation can improve your chances of getting a job, provide you with references and looks really good on a CV when going for jobs.
Gives hands on and recent experience to talk about at job interviews.
Good way to get back into the work place, build on skills and learn new ones, increases confidence and enjoyable working with other people.

Feel happier when we help others:
It’s a good feeling to know you have made a difference to someone quality of life by just giving a little help or spending an hour keeping an older person company who is home alone and doesn’t get many visitors.

Shopper-Aide Volunteers are fabulous (3)

As the Shopper-Aide family grows we can provide more of the following:
Shopping, Extra Help 1, Extra Help 2, Befriending, Elderberries Club, Clachan Old Pals Group, Garry’s Gang.

All our volunteers have to be registered with the PVG (Protecting vulnerable groups) scheme to ensure the safety of our clients.

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, for your help so far, without you there would be no Shopper–Aide!

We also are looking for volunteers to visit our older people who are stuck at home and rarely see anyone.
Perhaps to take someone out to the hairdresser, for a coffee or to meet up with a friend.
We will help you to have a more sociable life or perhaps you might want to be involved in helping others less able.

Contact us now if you would like to help.
Download our Volunteer Handbook or a Volunteer Form.

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