Dementia Friends in Kintyre

Sarah our Development Coordinator has been engaging with businesses, social groups, services and members of the local community to raise awareness of living with dementia.  Sarah has been promoting the Dementia Friends Programme which is an Alzheimer Scotland online course whereby participants watch two short videos to gain some insight into the issues people with Dementia face.  Once complete they will be sent a forget-me-not pin badge to wear to indicate to members of the public that they have an understanding of Dementia.  Our new Shopper-Aide ‘Creating Dementia Friendly Communities’ Logo will be displayed in the windows of the premises where dementia friends are working.  We would like to thank the businesses, services and local groups who have been involved so far and we look forward to seeing ‘forget-me-nots’ popping up all over Kintyre!  Any individual is welcome to go online and take part in the 10 minute programme by  going to  

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