Christmas came early to Shopper-Aide on Friday 18th December

We are so grateful to have received a new vehicle’ a Peugeot 308SW from the West Kintyre Community Fund, along with 1 years Road Tax, kindly donated by Campbeltown Motor Company.

Margaret Pratt, Aliastair Gorman and Susan Paterson

The new car will be called Westie.

Westie Car Keys

A huge thank you to West Kintyre Community Council, West Kintyre Community Fund and to Campbeltown Motor Company.

“The West Kintyre Community Fund trustees are very pleased to be able to present you with the new car to support the excellent work you and your dedicated band of volunteers undertake on behalf of the community of West Kintyre and the wider Kintyre area.
The Community of West Kintyre and I am sure the wider area are more than grateful to you and willing band of dedicated volunteers to the amazing expansion of your service to include so many more members of the community during these recent difficult months of the pandemic. Your help has helped to include many those who may have felt isolated or concerned as to how they will cope with the fast changing situation they found themselves in for which we are more than grateful.

A bit of background to the objectives of the West Kintyre Community Fund:

The fund was set up 4 four years ago to administer the community benefit funds received from the Freasdail Windfarm. The fund operates under different criteria to that of the Windfarm Trust in that it has been set up to specifically help to develop, support and encourage the long term sustainability of the community and its residents in three main areas which are:

  • Further education bursaries to anyone under the age of 50 residing in the West Kintyre Community Council area who wishes to undertake a further education course, approved apprenticeship or first degree.
  • To offer “Start-up” grants to new entrepreneurial businesses commencing operations within the West Kintyre Community Council area.
  • To assist the further development of current or new projects or groups within the area and the wider community by the offer of larger grants to help with the longer term sustainability of these groups or projects via funding that in the opinion of the trustees will either enhance or develop services to the residents of Kintyre (your car falls into this category)
  • The final part of the fund is administered by RES.(UK)ltd on our behalf in the form of a local electricity discount scheme for all properties within 5kms of the windfarm that were occupied at the time the windfarm became operational. This amounts to approx. £240 per annum paid directly to each household’s electricity supplier towards the cost of their electricity.

Once again we are very pleased we were able to purchase this new vehicle for your great charity and hope you have many years of cost effective use of it.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and hopefully a more normal 2021 when we can get back to running the groups etc again and open up the area again.”

Margaret Pratt and Susan Paterson

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